Gangrinboqi is the main peak of the Kailas Range , the highest peak of the western section of the Gangdise Mountains (across the northern Kunlun Mountains and the southern the Himalayas), one of the four sacred mountains of Tibetan Buddhism, and is recognized as the "center of the world" by Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Xizang's original religion Bon and ancient Jainism.
Every year, tens of thousands of Tibetans, followers of Tibetan Buddhism, and some tourists go to Mount Gangrenpo for more than 50 kilometers of hiking around its periphery, with an average altitude between 4600 and 5600. This means that every person who completes a hike will experience an altitude difference of nearly one kilometer. This hiking route is called "Zhuanshan". "Zhuanshan" is a blessing activity that lasts for thousands of years. Many followers of Tibetan Buddhism not only surround the mountains for a week, but also kneel down every three steps they take within a distance of 56 kilometers. This often takes two to four weeks to complete the week.
Whether it is an ordinary mountain rotation or a three step kneeling ceremony, its symbolism is to pray for auspiciousness, health, and world peace. Every person who "turns the mountain" completes the prayer ceremony with their own persistence.