Religious tribe2012-

In Tibet, the vast majority of Tibetans believe in Tibetan buddhism. They will build temples in the center of each region, towns scattered around the temple.
Whether everyone will, Tibetans with religion as part of their daily life, usually by prayer, meditation, worship, and other forms of tribute.
There are a lot of part of the Tibetans will ordain as monks and nuns, living in a temple or Buddhist College for a long time practice.

Pilgrim:Many monks traveled thousands of miles to alpine snowfield attend, they carry wood and cardboard, on the hillside built build a simple living, covers an area of less than one square meters. They are usually sitting sleep. And many of them are using a smart phone like iphone.

Holy water:Whenever a living Buddha watering initiations ceremony, people travel channel was inevitable. Although so crowded, but orderly, rarely occur pushing and stampede phenomenon.

The monks meditate:This statue of Buddha at the peak, a monk is meditation.

Meditation:A monk was meditating on the Bank of the river, and a woman and a dog came quietly to his side and sat down.

Religious performance:A Tibetan in their courtyard placed two statues of the living Buddha statue, every day is a day of meditation repeatedly to face them.

Come across:When the monk men encountered unfinished buddha.

Architecture:Build a temple on a hill, build a town at the foot of a hill. This is the most common pattern of Tibetan settlements.

Morning:One morning, a common way of worship.