Ijen Miners 2017

Located in East Java, indonesia. The 2600 meter high crater emits liquid sulfur that reacts with the air and then burns, producing a blue flame. Especially in the evening, in the thick smoke, there is a piece of blue flame shining. It is fascinating and dangerous.
The Green Lake volcano, is considered to be the most acidic volcano Lake in the world, it is difficult to have a creature can survive in such conditions, the content of toxic and harmful gases in the air plus high, make appropriate Jane become such a hell of a volcano is not suitable for human survival. But it is such a barren field of danger, but also is the most important sulfur collection area of indonesia. A large number of workers work in sulphur collection at Mount Yi, where the sulphur content is abundant. In addition to the natural outflow of workers, in order to speed up the acquisition schedule, also installed a large number of man-made ceramic pipe, the inner sulfur leads, after the firm, can use a tool to a piece of the sulfur pry down. A piece of the sulfur block, put into the workers carried away the basket. For the harvest of the sulfur of a man, a man must carry about two hundred pounds of sulfur stones. Pick a road to the top of the volcano, then turn down, will pick two baskets full of sulfur blocks down to the collection point, this is a task is completed. However, it seems in two words or three finished the trip away, may take off the workers six hours.
Yet the bigger threat for workers who work in the volcano during the year is actually the deadly pollution in the air. Standing at the foot of the mountain, you can smell a strong smell of sulfur. The eye and nasal cavity can feel extremely intense stimulation and burning feeling, can hardly breathe. Local workers, however, are hard to see with gas masks. Most people have only one towel, and they casually hide their mouths and noses in a symbolic way. Perhaps in their eyes, this is the way to work, as if wearing a thick gas mask, but can not breathe the same.
In this harsh working environment, workers generally live a short life, probably only thirty to forty years old. Most of the workers eat and board here. The surrounding volcano is smoky, with low visibility and is almost difficult to see in severe times. The obscured vision seems to increase the sensitivity of hearing. Anytime, anywhere, you can hear the workers coughing up their heads and coughing.
However, workers who work in such a bad environment earn only a few dozen yuan a day. A large amount of sulfur is transported, and these sulfur minerals will eventually be used in vulcanized rubber, bleaching, and other industrial production areas to achieve their greater value. While transporting their workers, still hovering in the Yizhen volcano mountain road, step by step, a trip to a trip to the outside world, carrying this important material, with dark blue, life and growth in nature.